Ride to Barbon, Sunday 4th February 2018

Six riders set off along icy roads to the Kellets on Sunday 4 on Mike Bridges’ ride to Barbon, with another taking the direct route to coffee. The ice, although looking bad, was not as bad as was experienced the day of the Christmas meal. Taking care, the group took the much-used route to Burton-in-Kendal, before crossing the A6 and heading for Yealand and the coffee stop at RSPB Leighton Moss.

Here, another 10 or so members had already arrived and were relaxing. After refreshments, various members headed off in their own directions or returned home after a good chat, leaving 7 or 8 to continue the main excursion. Rather than follow shaded, potentially icy, routes via Beetham, Farleton and Tarnhouse Tarn, the leader decided to follow a less icy route back to Burton then onwards to Hutton Roof and Kirkby Lonsdale.

No troublesome ice was encountered on the way and the group enjoyed wonderful clear and sunny views of snow-laden peaks. Continuing the route via Rigmaden Park, the group reached the Church Mouse at Barbon for a warming lunch. The afternoon session, still scenic, took the group to Kirkby Lonsdale then along the road via Arkholme to the Red Well, turning here for Halton and Lancaster, with the group fragmenting as it approached home.

It was a most enjoyable run of approximately 50 miles.

Mike Bridges