Annual Club Holiday

Every year Club members go off for a week to ride together somewhere else. Recent holidays have been in Dalbeattie, Lincolnshire and Anglesey. As the years go by, the quality of accommodation that we book has got better as small complexes of holiday cottages have come available. What stays the same is riding together to explore new countryside and new lanes. Not everyone rides every day and there is always a group walk on at least one day. We go out for a meal together as a group one evening and on a different evening there will be a social gathering for a quiz or singing. On other evenings people gather in smaller groups to cook together or go out to eat or to find a pub.

This year the Club went to a group of holiday cottages near Bakewell in Derbyshire at Haddon Grove. There’s a report from Patience Cooper, the Social Secretary with some great photos of the 2019 holiday if you want to get a flavour of what happens. And there are a couple accounts of previous holidays in 2016 and 2017