The Fred Lloyd Memorial Page

FRED LLOYD:  22ND MAY 1928 – 20TH AUGUST 2013


I wish to pay tribute to Fred Lloyd, latterly president of our CTC Member Group, for his role in creating the group with whom we cycle.  Fred had been an active member of the CTC since joining the club in May 1947. Throughout the following 50+ years he cycled extensively throughout Britain and Europe and also further afield.

During the war and its immediate aftermath Fred had been involved in work classified as a part of Britain’s “essential works programme” and it was only after his discharge from this that he was able to embark upon his main passion in life: cycle touring. Fred has passed on many of his reminiscences of those post-war tours: including working in a circus in Rome with cycling companion Albert [previously a trapeze artist]; an Austrian cycling rally with Noel Abrahams and, with Frank Singleton, touring the Baltic coastline and then circumventing the entire British mainland.

I have only known Fred and Pat for less than 25 years but during that time they have toured regularly and have been involved in both the CTC and the Rough Stuff Fellowship. Pat’s book Mud on my Wheels provides details of off-road escapades that they undertook and their contribution to the local cycle tourist group has been immense.  Not least of these was, of course, their key role when Lancaster played host for the CTC Birthday Rides in 1996. Pat and Fred have been present every time I have been to the Birthday Rides and at the York Rally where a pitch was reserved for them each year.  

In 1984 Fred was a founder member of the CTC Lune & Lakes D.A. when formed to serve the membership of the most northerly area of the old North West D.A.  Initially Lancaster CTC was the only CTC Section within the newly formed DA and the section and the DA were synonymous. With the establishing of the Eden Section several years later Fred served on the committees of both the Lancaster CTC and the DA (later renamed the Lancaster & Cumbria DA). He held various executive positions including those of Chairman and Treasurer. When the CTC proposed reorganising its local structures to set up independent “main member groups” Fred was our natural choice for the post of Honorary President.    

We all have fond memories of riding with Fred.  From a personal standpoint I will always remember how supportive he was when, in 1990, I began riding with the Lancaster Section.  Fred took us along roads [and, often, ‘off roads’] which otherwise might have been missed.  His ready wit and sartorial headgear were legendary.  He will be sorely missed.

Mike Hutchinson, Club Secretary

Fred doing what Fred loved best - rough stuff riding with the potential for a soaking!! He was showing Joan how to ride a ford!

Traditional CTC lunch taken in late 2012 - Pat, Fred, Sheila and Allen

These domestic chores get in the way of the cycling!

How many uses are there for a cape?

How many uses are there for a cape?