Ride to Arnside and Kirby Lonsdale, Sunday 11th February

 There was a severe weather warning so I wondered how many takers I would find at the start at Halton Station. Sure enough I was greeted by Mike Codd and Ken and Len and Patience soon arrived.  Mike Bridges turned up in his car but, well one has to make allowances since he lives in Preston.

The six of us made our way up Green Lane and Laverick Lane en route for Nether Kellet. The climbing warmed us up effectively in the cold and blustery conditions – but at least there was no sign of ice.

From Nether Kellet we went through Carnforth and Silverdale to take the road over the shoulder of the Knott for Arnside. Little time was wasted in getting into the ever-welcoming Heron Cafe, where we found Brian Greenwood and Miles. They looked very cosy. As we lingered over brews and teacakes we turned a blind eye to the rain lashing at the window.

Fortunately when it came time to leave the rain had abated and there was sunshine sparkling on the puddles. We made our way round to Yealand Redmayne to cross the A6 at Cinderbarrow. Four people peeled off to head home leaving Len, Patience, Mike B and myself to continue. Conditions remained better than expected as we wove our way to Clawthorpe and then up over the fell to Hutton Roof. The climb went on a bit but the other three kindly waited for me as I was the leader. There was a bulk delivery of fresh air at the top.

On down the little lanes to Biggins and across the A65 led us into Kirkby Lonsdale but we decided to continue a little further to Casterton Golf Club. No we weren't planning on a quick round of the course; we just fancied their special pie and peas.

As we were approaching it began to rain again but we avoided the worst of it through our adroit cafe timing. When I arrived I found Len and Patience had ordered the last two pies. This is what you get these days.

By the time we left the cafe it had stopped raining again. We made a bee line for home along the top road through Arkholme and Redwell. This was enlivened by a pleasantly atmospheric snow storm borne by a refreshing headwind.

When I got back to Morecambe I was pleased to see over 50miles on the clock.

Andy Gordon