The Club has a number of meeting points around Lancaster for the start of rides. On this page there is a brief description of each, a photograph of the place and a Google map. To open a Google map for a meeting point, click on the black button to the right with its name on. To see a Google map showing the whole area with all the meeting points click here.

Boot & Shoe.jpg

Boot and Shoe:

We actually gather on the wide section of pavement outside Booths supermarket opposite the Boot and Shoe public house on Hala Road. This meeting point is used on Sundays, Thursdays and Tuesdays (in the middle of the month) when the ride is going east or south from Lancaster.

Beaumont college.jpeg

Beaumont College:

On Sundays we sometimes meet in the bellmouth at the entrance to Beaumont College on the A6 heading northwards out of Lancaster. We tend to use this meeting point when we are following a route northwards towards the Lake District. We don't use this meeting point on Thursdays or Tuesdays because the weekday traffic is too busy.

Millennium Bridge.jpg

Millennium Bridge:

Millennium Bridge is a meeting point in the middle of the City of Lancaster used when rides are going north, east and sometimes southwards. We meet on the Morecambe (northern) side of the bridge where there are some benches and a space to gather. This meeting point is used on the first and last Tuesdays in the month and sometimes on Thursdays and Sundays.

Halton Station.jpeg

Halton Station:

Halton Station is disused but is located on the cycle path heading east from the City, with a free car park. We tend to gather as if on the tracks beside the platform. Halton village is on the northern side across a narrow iron bridge but Halton Station is on the southern side of the River Lune.

Kellet crossroads 2.jpg

Kellet Crossroads

For some rides that are heading north or east of the City of Lancaster, the Club will meet at the crossroads where Bottomdale Road and Foundary Lane cross Kellet Lane north-west of Halton. Riders gather in a gateway just along Bottomdale Road to the north from the crossroads itself.

Crook O'Lune meeting point.png

Crook o' Lune:

For rides going to the north or east of the City, some leaders like to start from the Crook O' Lune which is on the Lancaster cyclepath and there is a pay car park, which is where we meet. (If needed, you could park at Halton Station(free) and cycle the 2 km to Crook o’ Lune).