Hardriders - Beaumont, Sandside, Levens, Witherslack, Grange (cafe), Meathop Moss ,Levens, Heversham, Holme, Lancaster

The forecast was for rain later but the weather preferred sooner and so the intrepid team and their leader Brian were soon subjected to a downpour. The rain started gently, near Warton but ‘caping up’ was delayed to Gilpin Bridge. One rider recently returned from a visit to India, avoidedthe monsoon by heading home from Milnthorpe. At Witherslack the soggy quintet decided to avoid the planned route towards Tow Top and head across the moss to Meathop and Grange. Thyme Out Cafe, on the main street (bikes parked at the back) proved a welcoming stop. The return via Meathop Moss, Levens, Heversham, Holme Mills and the Kellets was no drier but concluded a good day out on the bikes. For the leader just shy of 60 miles, average speed 13.4 mph and back home just after 2pm.  A great start for the trial and hopefully even more riders for the next one to Sedbergh on February 22nd.