Ride from Crook o'Lune to Nateby, Thursday 22nd August, 2019

Gathering at Crook O Lune car park in reasonable weather, that equals light rain and a stiff breeze, 6 of us set off into Caton to cross the busy main road and headed up what is laughingly called 'happy valley' into a very stiff breeze. A regrouping at Quernmore crossroads then again at the Fleece, we turned right at Harrisend crossroads heading for Scorton. The original intention was to go over the ford on the 'Roberts loop' but considering the rain over night and the amount of water in the Lune we headed straight down to Daisy Clough
This ride was listed as hilly(which is probably why so few turned up!) so after refreshments we headed off for the mountains of Pilling via the col de Winmarleigh before turning back on ourselves to head for possibly the highest point on the Fylde at Nateby!! finally after all that effort a dinner time stop in the pub was needed in Garstang.
Suitable refreshed we decided, after a consensus of opinion to take a flat route home heading north to the mini roundabout at Green Lane to turn right heading for Gubberford Bridge here we took a right to head back on ourselves aiming to do the 'Roberts loop' in reverse so we could have a coffe/tea at the Apple Store. The ride to the Apple Store was interesting because some of the becks on the loop were so swollen they over ran the road but we managed to ride through them.
After our refreshment stop a sedate ride home through Forton, Galgate and the University.
Not what I had planned but as CyclingUK advises, leaders need to be adaptable and we still managed 50 miles in reasonable weather, true it could have been better but you can't organise the conditions