Ride from Millennium Bridge to Leighton Moss, Sunday 4th April, 2019

A group of 11 riders set off from the Millennium Bridge in Lancaster for Nick Hall’s ride on Sunday.  In the absence of Nick (resting after a not-too-serious cycling accident), Mike Codd stood in for the section to coffee.  The group headed along the Lune Cycleway into a light breeze, joining the road for the familiar route to via Wray and Wennington.  They followed Spout Lane, bypassing Ravens Close Brow on route to Burton in Lonsdale, before heading to the picturesquely situated café at Ireby Green, where another 2 members had arrived earlier.

The typical swapping of members going back and members going on resulted in a reduced group of 6 continuing the programmed route with Mike Bridges as leader, with others departing in various directions.  The sun was out and the breeze followed, as best it could on a typically Nick Hall-esque zigzag route, crossing the A65 3 times before arriving in Kirkby Lonsdale via Devil’s Bridge.  A further A65 crossing took the group via Low and High Biggins then onward and upward past Hutton Roof for a fast descent into Burton-in-Kendal.

One cyclist departed homewards from Burton, leaving 5 to continue via Tarn Lane, Yealand Redmayne and Yealand Storrs to reach the RSPB Leighton Moss café for lunch.  Another 2 members arrived to share the occasion.

From this point, the members of the group found their own individual ways back to Lancaster in their own time, with 1 opting for a short stroll via the nearest bird hides before departing.  A variety of routes were available, with the canal towpath and the A6 being among the favoured ones.  Whatever route ended the day, there was no doubt that a good day in wonderful scenery and company had been enjoyed by all.

We wish Nick a recovery as speedy and as pain-free as possible and hope to see him back on the bike shortly.