Ride to Hornby ... and back! Sunday 10th March 2019

Snow and winds of 40+ miles an hour were forecast for Sunday and so the leader for the ride, Patience had forewarned anyone reckless enough to come out that we were unlikely to go as far as Dent.  In the event it was raining heavily at 9.15 at the start at Beaumont.  Surprisingly 4 people turned up and it was decided that even getting as far as Casterton Golf Club seemed a bit daunting in the conditions, so the ride was shortened to a morning’s dash out to Hornby and back.

The outward route took us to Halton, then up Green Lane to the Halton – Kirkby Lonsdale Road.  Patience and Len were out for the first time in over a month, having rested their cycling muscles in India in considerably warmer and drier conditions than these.  As a consequence they trailed behind on the ascent to the top road.  However on turning right we had the wind at our tail and made a quick pace to the Aughton road.  Up here the snow came in earnest, but thankfully all the earlier rain ensured that the snow did not stick.  Neil’s fears of becoming a snowman were not realised and Len and Patience were relieved to be wearing their unfashionable but effective capes (as long as the wind was behind us!).

Hornby Tea Rooms was a shining beacon in the gloom and the four of us squelched into the welcome warmth and draped our gloves in front of the stove.  We were given the tempting news that fresh scones were in the oven and due out in five minutes.  We rapidly agreed to wait for them to come out and warmed our hands on hot brews in the meantime.

A longer than usual coffee break saw an improvement in the weather and we eventually sortied forth to find that the forecast stronger winds had arrived along with some blue sky.  Packing away the capes, we set sail for Lancaster, via the Lune cycle path, saying farewell to Ian at Halton as he continued into the city centre whilst the other 3 ascended Foundry Lane to Slyne and their respective homes.