Ride from Boot & Shoe to Lytham, Thursday 17th October 2019

Lancaster and South Lakes Touring Club
Gathering at the Boot and Shoe for our yearly trip to the flesh pots of Lytham (not St Anne's!!!) the weather looked promising and as if we might have a following breeze up the prom to Fleetwood for the ferry over the Wyre.
As it turned out this was a ride were everything was on the loose!
I hadn't made my mind up which way to go but we were aiming for the Courtyard in Great Eccleston for coffee (and bacon butties). I had phoned them the day before saying there might be 15 of us but at the Boot and Shoe there were about 22 so a quick phone was made.
There was no way round it, we had to go over the Wyre and the nearest bridge to Great Eccleston was Cartford Bridge, which tradition states the leader pays the toll. As luck would have it the third group went astray so I only had to pay for 17 (groups 1&2 plus Mike H)
Suitable refreshed we set off via Elswick, Thistleton and Weeton before turning right just before Wrea Green.
Heading through Westby into the teeth of the wind I became aware that the riders following me were close enough to be drafting!
Into the Station (pub). In Lytham were 8 relieved riders having a much needed break.
Sandra appeared after making her own way there so after she had a cup of tea we set off up the prom to Fleetwood picking up Neil at ST ANNES pier.
Wow what a ride to Fleetwood, a following wind all the way.
On the way to the 15.15 ferry the first loose bit of the ride, a loose dog managing to bring a rider down, however little damage other than a bit of missing skin and offset handlebars!
We expected a coffee break at the ferry cafe but it was shut so we had to press on but another problem arose, Ken had a loose saddle so we spent a bit of time fixing that. In the mean time some none coffee riders had already left us.
Saddle fixed off we set past the zebra and giraffe but the rough road finally finished Ken’s saddle off and he found that the bracket had sheared so cable ties from a local farmer held the saddle in place.
On the main road to Pilling the cable ties gave up the ghost so using the seat pin padded out with gloves Ken rode back home through Pilling and Cockerham(sitting down was a problem though!)
All in all probably one of the better rides of the year, lovely weather great company and interesting incident.
Anyone interested in joining us can find information about our Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday rides on our web site at www CTCLancaster.org.uk
Jim Gardner