Ride from Boot & Shoe to Great Eccleston, Thursday 24th January 2019

The power of prayer doesn't exist! There I was at the Boot and Shoe praying nobody would turn up but they did!!!
Seeing what the weather was like I decided to keep off the back roads and went to Daisy Clough via University then Whams Lane, Forton and a short stretch on the A6 before turning left to go over 6 Arches Bridge to Daisy Clough.
We were met in the cafe with warm smiling faces, was it a welcome or "oh dear look at these cold old men" … anyway we were looked after very well indeed.
During coffee the anticipated route was decided to be a possible icy problem so I elected to cross the A6 at the lights and go direct through Nateby to cross the Wyre at Cartforth Bridge where I tried to get away without paying for one (I had forgotten to count myself as a rider!!)
Long slow lunch was had before we headed back over Cartforth Bridge (got the numbers right this time) and headed for Pilling. Across the moss until Gulf Lane where Norman decided to leave us, then into Cockerham where Tim, Phil, Keith and Neil went straight on and the three left decided for another brew at the Pudding House.
Heading home via Ratcliffe Wharfe Lane (where Matt left us) crossing the A6 at Potters Brook, into Galgate back through the Uni and home.
An interesting ride with my Strava showing we were riding for 3hr 21mins but stopped for 3hr 40 mins(and they think women can talk!). What puzzles me is where the 637 feet of climbing came???
For me it was 41 miles but with fantastic company, thanks guys.
Jim Gardner