Ride to Lytham via Great Eccleston, Thursday 27th September, 2018

We all met at the Boot and Shoe for the usual ride to Lytham.
I had originally planned for the coffee stop at Garstang Arts but changed my mind and decided the attraction of a bacon butty at Great Eccleston made me rethink the route.
So the fifteen of us set off on the usual route through the University into Galgate then over the A6 at the lights and went over past Sellerley Farm to Conder Green then on into Cockerham.
Over Pilling Moss we went then into Pilling and took the second left into Bradshaw Lane then right into Lancaster Road which took us to Cartforth Bridge.
Usual system leader pays and as I had arranged an overdraft money was no problem.
Up the hill across the busy road and descended into Great Eccleston where they were waiting for us as usual.
Leaving Great Eccleston after a calorie injection (plus cholesterol) we travelled through Elswick( fracking lovely countryside!!!). Crossed the very busy A585. Into Weeton, Great Plumpton and before Wrea Green turned right on to Ballam Road which took us into Lytham.
Neil left us in Lytham to carry on to St. Anne's with the strict instructions NOT to come back but to wait at St. Annes's pier!!!!!
Some of us were treated by a pleasant young woman in the Station Inn who said if we were over 60 we could have pensioners discount( she should have gone to Specsavers!!!)
The rest was a piece of cake but very hilly. Straight up the prom (hopefully to pick Neil up on the way) to join Clifton Drive then back on to the prom ( try to dodge the GROCKLES!!!!) all the way to Fleetwood.
I had checked the ferry sailings and they were still on the summer time table (every half hour, quarter to and quarter past). 
Over the 15.15 ferry into Knott End where another refreshment stop was called for(or was it the attraction of the loos!!!!)
I had arranged with him upstairs for good weather and a favourable wind and we were satisfied with the conditions.
Jim Gardner