Ride to Knott End via Cockerham, Sunday 9th September 2018

Five met at Millennium Bridge in light but persistent rain for a dual start.

Mike led the moderate ride, joined by Nick. Neil devised a normal ride to Casterton and Arnside and was joined by Ken and Adrian.

The moderate ride headed south via Haverbreaks and past the Boot & Shoe, taking route 6 to 5 Lane Ends and then across the A6 at Potter’s Brook. Continuing to the A588, coffee was taken at the Cockerham Pudding House with Matt and Mary, who were already there.

Matt and Mary choosing different route for their recumbent trikes, we continued via Stalmine to Knott End, accompanied, but in the opposite direction, by a strongish wind, evidenced by the white horses on the sea at force 5 to 6!

A pleasant lunch at the Knott End Cafe lasted and hour and so we set off home, just as Matt and Mary arrived for lunch. Nick and I bade them farewell and set out with a beautiful following gale and not-so-beautiful scattered showers, getting us back to

Mike Codd 9 September 2018