Ride to Cleveleys via Garstang, Thursday 2nd August 2018

Arrived in plenty of time at the Boot and Shoe to be met by Sandy and Debbie sheltering from the rain how many will have struggled to shake off Tuesday's leg aches??
Finally Norman turned with John, Ian, and Mike C, just as we were leaving Nick appeared so off we went into the rain.

Usual route through the Uni then up to Five Lane ends to turn right down Whams Lane going left at the bottom passing through Forton to arrive on the A6.
Instead on crossing the A6 which meant we would have meandered or crossed back we decided to travel down the A6 to turn left to pass Daisy Clough( get behind me Satan) into and through Scorton to arrive truly wetted at the art centre in Garstang. We were welcomed with open arms!!!!!

After a much needed break, and with the weather improving, waterproofs were stashed away and we crossed the A6 at the lights to go through Nateby then Out Rawcliffe and finally over Shard bridge (does this sound familiar to some of you????).
We then went through Poulton (and no I didn't get lost) and on via a new road to reach the A584 at Little Bispham and finally the dinner time stop at the regular fish and chip plaice (ha ha) in Cleveleys.

After dinner we went on to the promenade and headed north to Fleetwood and to our amazement the work on the prom has been finished and it is open all the way to Fleetwood. On the way to Fleetwood we fell in behind a Wyre Borough lorry who helped by clearing pedestrians out of the way so we caught the 14.45 ferry and with a nice following wind made the Pudding House in plenty of time.

All in all a great day out smashing company and for me another 50+ miles in this week with no sign of tiredness in the legs.

Jim Gardner