Ride to Feizor via Ingleton, Thursday 5th July, 2018

Ride to Feizor via Ingleton

Thursday 5 July

Generally the opening of the Duke’s walkabout play production in Williamson Park signals the start of the monsoon season, but not this year.  That is why 15 cyclists were able to meet at the Crook of Lune in bright sunshine and with the promise of a fine day for a ride to Ingleton and Feizor.  The leader, having eschewed a direct route in favour of a few climbs, took the party via Caton Green, Agnes Ings Lane and Russells before joining Long Lane and dropping down to Low Bentham.  There a further climb awaited, heading towards Burton in Lonsdale before turning off for Ingleton where Inglesport Café proved as accommodating as always.

The whole party opted to continue onwards along the undulating Old Road to Clapham and thence across the A65 to Clapham Station.  Taking the first left brought us to Eldroth Road and eventually to a crossroads where we turned left for Lawkland  Just after Lawkland a small lane took us down to the A65 and a nervous decent to a sharp left hand bend where the lane to Feizor goes off to the right. Safely negotiated lunch was in sight.

Surprisingly, Elaine’s Café was not very busy but that meant we could sit under shade outdoors and with quick service.  Feizor must be one of the most pleasant lunch stops and with the addition of convivial conversation it was hard to get the motivation to leave.  However, leave we did to face a rather longer trip down the A65 before turning off along Orcaber Lane to join the familiar route to Lancaster along Mewith Lane.  Wray provided a final stopping point before returning home.  Distance travelled 56 miles with 3000 feet of accent.  Altogether a fine day in beautiful countryside with lovely weather and great company - what more could you want?

Dave Butterfield