Ride to Feizor via Ingleton, Sunday 3rd June 2018

The sunshine brought twelve cyclists to Beaumont for Nigel’s ride to Feizor. With a convivial start heading to Halton and then gently along the cycle track enjoying the weather and the company. A few left at Wray, but the main group headed on to a coffee stop at Ingleton via quiet lanes from Milhouses to Low Bentham and up to Four Lane Ends.

After coffee, joined by Ian, seven continued to Clapham and Austwick , Neil departing en route not wishing to take the bridlepath over to Feizor. The remaining six successfully negotiated the rougher surface and paused for a picnic lunch at the top, where Ruth popped up to say hello. After a break in glorious sunshine with stunning views of the limestone scenery around us we descended to have an ice cream at Elaine’s Café. 

Unfortunately on this stage Frank took a fall and grazed his elbow, but fortunately the first aider at Elaine’s provided an excellent service and patched up the damage so we were all able to take the return route back to Lancaster.

Getting over the busy A65 as soon as we could we cycled on past Lawkland Hall to double back through Eldroth and connecting with the familiar Mewith Lane at Keasden . Rolling home and taking a final stop at Wray, for a coffee in the tearooms, on the deck by the river, and meeting up once again with Ruth. 

About 55 miles in all and a nice day out in the sunshine that truly showed off our local countryside at its best