Ride to Arnside via Clearwater, Thursday 26th April, 2018

As agreed with Ian Roberts I only did to Clearwater he took them on to Arnside, so here is the report for the first bit!!!!

About 15 set off from Kellett Cross Roads heading down towards Halton with muttering of where is he taking us!! Going through Halton heading towards Woodies and the cycle track at Caton we headed east then on to the main road to go through Hornby with a nice tail wind (dam those beans).

Turning left to go over Loyne bridge then we headed up hill through Gressingham to hit the Arkholme road. We turned left to get the the Sunny Bank road so we had a nice descent to Capernwray Church were we turned left heading towards the Kellets but turned right before reaching them to drop down over the canal and railway to get to Clearwater.

Inspite of me notifying them we were coming evidently the message hadn't got through, however, after a quick word it was sorted out and we were well served. Ian Roberts took over at Clearwater and took the group to Arnside.

Jim Gardner