Ride to Settle via Ingleton, Sunday 1st April 2018

Patience and Len welcomed Norman Gardner (making a rare appearance on a Sunday ride) and five ‘regulars’ at the start of their ride to Settle.  A fine but cloudy day, with the remnant of the Beast from the East  making for a challenging morning but an easy return.  What memories did we bring back from the our day “awheel” ?

·       hills from the start, through Halton, up to Aughton, down to Gressingham, along to Melling and across to Wennington.

·       the electronic whirring of Norman’s bike as he shot past us climbing up Raven’s Close.

·       a leisurely coffee in an eerily quiet Inglesport and meeting up with Ray and Linda as we were leaving. Six of us continued to Settle.

·       more hills on the old road to Clapham, swoop down to the village, looping around Austwick, the impressive façade of Lawkland Hall, tales of country-dwelling rogues and vagabonds.

·       an unusual  roller-coaster approach to Settle; fast downhill past Giggleswick School Chapel.

·       savouring the excellent value fare at the ever-busy Singing Kettle Café in Settle.

·       the wind at our backs along Mewith Lane. Regroup at Bentham crossroad and further tales, this time of robotic camel jockeys (which, despite the date, were claimed to be true)

·       a final extended coffee stop at Wray.  Dash down the valley to Caton, and home.  62 miles and 5,000 feet of ascent.

Len Howard