Ride to Goosnargh via Garstang, Thursday 22nd February 2018

"Well here we are outside Booths, the weather promises to be fine, reasonable temperature and dry roads, can it last, can it heck.

Anyway about 15 cyclists set off on a route taking us through the University into Galgate then up past the Fleece to Harris End cross roads. Is he going to take us over Harris End???? Give over, it's Jim so we turned right headed down towards Scorton but turned left at the first junction to go over Ron's water splash. After dropping down, instead of turning right towards The Apple Store and the rutted road we went straight ahead to the Roberts loop through Barnacre (well I did live in Barnacre Close) to Gubberford Bridge and then on to Garstang Arts for a welcome cup of coffee served by the pleasant ladies.

Finally about 10 of us decided to leave the comfort and warmth of the centre to go through Garstang, shopper dodging!! We turned left at Ray Lane to go past the Kenilworth Arms (too early for a pint Mike) cycling along past Sandholme Mill into Inglewhite (speed up there is yet another open pub and through the country lanes finally dropping down into Goosnargh (they obviously were expecting us because just before we got to Goosnargh there was a sign saying elderly persons)!!!

A good refreshing lunch was eventually had after leaving one crowded pub, because of 'ladies who lunch' and going to the other one. We decided to go out of Goosnargh via Goosnargh Lane, Langley Lane to Broughton Cross Roads (right of way changed here).

The route then took us down Woodplumpton Lane to Hollowford Lane on to Eaves Lane, Benson's Lane to bring us out onto the A6. Crossing over the A6 the route took us up Bilsborrow Lane and then turning left down Lydiate Lane to go through the lanes to The Barn/Daisy Clough.All in all a good 53 miles (for me) which could have been more knowing my navigational capabilities (got it in before the rest of you)!

If any of you leaders want to know how to organise the weather, I will be running training courses at a reasonable cost!

Jim Gardner

route 220218.jpg