Ride to Kirkby Lonsdale via Farleton View, Sunday 21st October 2018

I would like to say that the day dawned bright and clear for Anne’s ride to Farleton View and Kirkby Lonsdale, but that would be far from the truth! In fact it was surprising that so many turned up at the Millennium Bridge because right from the off it was drizzling, and all the way to coffee it varied from drizzle to a heavy downpour. As we neared the cafe we were tricked by a short sunny spell, which descended into rain before we even got inside the doors. 

The route taken from the bridge was out towards Halton, turning left near the army camp and then up to the Kellets. The riders descended from Over Kellet and across Kellet Lane Bridge, the lights for once on green aiding a speedy ride over. At Tewitfield they joined the A6070 until Burton in Kendal where they turned down to Holme Mills, and then Holme. The tiny quiet lane - very muddy in places meant the remaining ride on the by now fairly busy A6070 was very short, and the arrival at the cafe - now in the rain again, was very welcome and bacon butties and homemade cake made up in part for the wet journey. The group was enlarged  by another five riders who had made their way by various routes.

The topic of the day, apart from the weather, was the very sad news that one of our club stalwarts, now living in Frinton on Sea, had passed away. Ninety One is a great age, but sad nevertheless. We all had stories of Dennis and Sylvia’s generosity when on many occasions they opened up their home for our coffee stops in Newby. His contribution to cycling cannot be underestimated, and those of us who shared a cottage with Sylvia and Dennis on several club holidays witnessed his wicked sense of humour! 

A heavy downpour confirmed what was in everyone’s mind - a speedy return home was the order of the day, and the riders made their own way back to Lancaster and Carnforth, and the promise of a warm shower or bath!

Maybe the presence of these two ladies on this ride should serve as a pointer to the committee, worried about ‘lapsed’ riders. Some  lapsed riders may have declining speed and climbing abilities partly because of advancing age and medical problems, but despite the atrocious weather all declared it an enjoyable ride, led at a sensible pace, with the leader or another rider waiting at each junction. 

Next Sunday’s ride also starts at Millennium Bridge with coffee at Beetham Garden Centre and a destination of Casterton.