Thursday 30th November: The Boot and Shoe to Beacon Fell

Last Thursday's ride (30th November) was to Beacon Fell via Garstang Arts. Twelve of us set off on the route planned by Dave Butterfield who was with us in spirit if not body. I had loaded the ride into my Garmin but by the morning it was drained of energy. But we set off via Condor Green and Cockerham with a couple of kinks on the way down through Winmarleigh - I had to stop to check Dave's notes. There was the usual excellent service and cakes at Garstang and then a rather smaller group of five set off for Beacon Fell - the Garmin was also refreshed from an external battery. Although it was a bright sunny day we were all cautious about black ice that might have stayed in the shadows. Sure enough, the road round Beacon Fell caused a few back wheel skids but no one fell on the Fell. The return after lunch was into the wind which had got up and although the route was direct it seemed to take ages. Keith and Neil stopped off at the Barn for mince pies and cream - and to get warm. Tim, Phil and Mike made straight for home, worried that as it got dark, the surface might freeze. A good ride for this time of year - thanks Dave and hope to see you on the road again soon.