Seven hardly souls gathered at The Boot and Shoe for Anne’s ride to Fleetwood via the ferry at Knott End. Given the torrential rain and the forecast for it to continue for most of the day, the decision was made at this point to totally rearrange the ride with a coffee stop closer to home followed by a return to base to dry out.

As a consquence of this decision the group set forth along the cycle path to the university, and from there through Ellel and Galgate. The wind and the rain were against them as they rode up to Whams Lane and from there down to Bay Horse, crossing the A6 at Hollins Lane. From here it was a mere mile or so to the coffee stop at The Pudding House. After a longer than usual break putting the world to rights and observing the two minutes silence, the hardy souls set off again, this time with a welcome back wind taking them to Cockerham and Conder Green. Several options were available at this point and the riders took their preferred choice as to the shortest way home.