Campaigning correspondence from Brian Greenwood

Following a request from Len, I contacted North Yorks CC asking for them to consider providing a cycle lane alongside the A65, connecting the road from Rathmell (GR 806 625) to the turn onto Paley Lane – Giggleswick Station (GR 802 629). I pointed out this could be done with only the loss of the grass verge on the North bound side of this very busy road. I continued that a similar, but more expensive cycle lane, from Clapham to Auswick had proved very popular and is much safer for cyclists.
Although I did not extend the case, we all know, having a 2waycycle lane does not involve crossing the A65 to make the opposite journey.

I copied my letter to Settle Town Council and Yorkshire SUSTRANS. I have had no reply from SUSTRANS nor directly from the County Council but this letter from Settle Town Council.

'Dear Brian                                                                                                                        Settle Town Council supported your proposal and sent it to the NYCC area5 depot at Skipton. We also sent the letter to the Parish Council at Giggleswick as it falls within their parish boundary. This is the response we received from NYCC Highways Officer

“Thank you for your email and the letters I agree with the value of your proposal. However, we have previously investigated a scheme for the creation of a cycleway facility alongside the A65 between Rathmell Road and Giggleswick Station (including the introduction of pedestrian refuge between Rathmell Road and Gildersleets)             
The cost estimate was £110,000 and the score in our system was only 11.4 This made the proposal too expensive at the time and I’m afraid this proposal still has too high a cost and too low a score, with little prospect of 3rd party funding. In addition we have not had a suitable budget for such improvements for several years (the vast majority of funding is spent on maintenance works, not improvements)  
Highways North Yorkshire” 

I will be relaying this response to the Town Council next Wednesday 1st August for any further comment.
Clerk to Settle Town Council'

So, perhaps, as we may have expected, council cutbacks will make many improvements we might like to see, somewhat unlikely. But, every credit to Settle Town Council for trying. I will contact SUSTRANS Yorkshire again to see if I can get a response from them. They were involved with the Clapham – Auswick cycle path.