Social Mountain Biking session - Wednesday April 11th

Hello All

I am proposing to introduce some social sessions for our members who want to try something different.  The plan is to find activities that are not necessarily cycling-based, but generally involve outdoor fitness-based fun.

I propose that for the first session we go to Grizedale Forest to try one (or more) of the mountain biking trails.  We can hire a range of bikes here and may be able to negotiate group discount rates.  Some of you already have your own mountain or trail bikes and experience of riding off-road and it would be great if you were prepared to advise the less experienced members.

The intended date for this session is Wednesday 11th April and I would suggest that we make a day of it and take packed lunches.  There is a café at Grizedale which we can patronise at some point.

Please let me know if you would like to come along, if you are bringing your own bike or would like to hire one, and if you are experienced would be prepared to help the beginners.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you